2013 Walker Ellips

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2013 Walker EllipsThe Ellips 300 is a modern designed awning is supplied as standard with a 25mm steel frame. In combination with the latest Ten Cate high quality coated polyester, the Ellips 300 is suitable for residential caravanning as well as those short breaks. The windows of the Ellips 300 are provided with
luxury zip down covers fitted to the inside. As an optional extra there is a specially designed zip-on sun canopy for the Ellips 300. This sun canopy is also supplied with an alloy frame. The depth of the sun canopy is 200cm.

In combination with the 50cm deep canopy of the awning you have a full depth of 250cm. Sidewalls for the sun canopy, with or without window, are optional.

Depth of awning: 300cm

Depth of canopy: 50cm

Roof: Ten Cate coated polyester

Walls: Ten Cate coated polyester

Frame: 25-28mm steel frame

From size 900 cm, 2 extra roof support poles

From size 990 cm, 2 extra front legs

Ventilation: in the ridge, to the front and in 2 sidewalls

Panels: all panels can be rolled down or zipped out

Weight: size 900 approx. 34 kg

Easy-Setup lock pads: included!

Draught cloth + wheel arch cover: included!

Fits aerodynamic shaped caravans
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