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£ 693.00(797.27 €)
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2022 Thule QuickFit - tent systemThe Thule QuickFit is a lightweight awning tent which can be quickly and easily erected beneath the Thule & Fiamma awnings thanks to its very simple construction.
£ 40.00(46.02 €)
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2023 Awning Carpet
Breathable awning carpet, allows grass to breathe but keeps out bugs and dirt.
Washable and rot-proof.
Eyeletted and hemmed.
Supplied with re-usable zipped bag.

Width:  2.5m            Lengths:  260, 280, 350, 390, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, & 750 cm

£ 60.00(69.03 €)
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2023 Deluxe Awning CarpetHeavy duty Deluxe Breathable awning carpet, allows grass to breathe but keeps out bugs and dirt. Washable and rot-proof. Fully eyeletted and hemmed. Supplied with re-usable zipped bag.

Width:  8'2" (2.5m) only
8'6" (260cm),      for Porch awnings
for Porch awnings
for Porch awnings
12'10"(390cm),   for awning sizes: 725 to 775  and Porches
for awning sizes: 800 to 825
,     for awning sizes: 825 to 875
,     for awning sizes: 875 to 925
,     for awning sizes: 925 to 975
,     for awning sizes: 975 to 1025
,     for awning sizes: 1050 to 1100
,   for awning sizes: 1100 to 1150

25% off these prices if ordered at the same time as an awning
£ 69.00(79.38 €)
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2023 Inner tent for standard annexThis Inner Tent is suitable for Camptech STANDARD annexes

For Tall annexes, the Tall annex inner tent will be required

£ 95.00(109.29 €)
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2023 Inner tent for TALL annexThis Inner Tent is suitable for most Camptech TALL annexes

For Standard annexes, the standard annex inner tent will be required

£ 123.00(141.51 €)
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2023 Jolax Awning Carpet:Jolax awning carpets are specially designed and made for Walker.  Very high quality

They are produced to extremely high standards and are designed to be very hard-wearing.

Jolax carpet is supplied in widths of 250, 280, 300 and 350 cm.

Heavy duty Deluxe Breathable awning carpet, allows grass to breathe but keeps out bugs and dirt.
Washable and rot-proof.
Fully eyeletted and hemmed.
Supplied with re-usable zipped bag.

The quality of the material ensures that the carpet will not lose its shape and always lies neatly.
£ 166.00(190.98 €)
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2023 Trigano TALL annex Inner tentThis Inner Tent is suitable for all Trigano TALL annexes

Sewn in groundsheet, ventilation panel in ceiling, zip door opening

£ 143.00(164.52 €)
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2023 Walker Solair Sun CanopyThe  Walker Solair 4 in 1 Sun canopy & Windbreak is very ingenious.
1. On the back of the caravan as a cover
2. Freestanding as a sun canopy or wind break
3. Straight to the caravan
4. To be connected to the side of the awning. ( On the rain gutter channel.)

Included: 2 steel uprights, pegs, guy ropes and coupling + channel for fastening to either side of the awning. Size: 240 cm wide and 200 cm deep.

£ 28.00(32.21 €)
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2023 Walker Storm beltsWalker Storm belts (pack of 2) for all Walker awnings. 

Plus £5 P&P for UK addresses 

Pack of three available for Sun Canopies, at extra £8 cost.
£ 151.00(173.72 €)
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Caravan Covers
  • Our caravan covers have additional features that are designed to improve the fit and functionality of the cover, including;
  • 3 zip locations on the nearside for easy access to the door and to assist when fitting the cover
  • Adjustable straps on the rear and side of the cover to tighten the material when fitted. This ensures a safe fit in all conditions
  • Reflectors on the front, side and rear enhances night time visibility
  • Modern retail friendly display box with key features highlighted
  • Elasticated hem around the whole base of the cover allows a tailored fit
  • 4 extra strong double stitched adjustable side nylon straps

£ 70.00(80.53 €)
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Electric Air pump

This electric air pump for inflatable awnings is the perfect accessory for easy inflation.

Designed most makes of air awnings, this automatic pump is the perfect choice to help you pump up your awning quickly, allowing you to go back to enjoying your holiday within minutes. 

Simply dial the pressure and switch on.  It stops when required pressure has been reached.

£ 46.00(52.92 €)
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Rear Support Legs (set of 2)Rear Support Legs - Alloy,  Set of two.  For use mainly with inflatable porch awnings but may be used with other porches and motorhome awnings, too
£ 71.00(81.68 €)
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Roof Linings for 2.4m wide awnings
Keep your awning Cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter (and reduce the possibility of condensation occuring)

Roof linings in lengths to fit any full awning sizes from 850 cm to 1200 cm and some porches

These full length roof linings are 2.4m wide

Easy to fit, as the edges clip onto the awning's roof poles or tabs

Choose the size of roof lining to suit your awning size from the options at top of this page

Suitable for most makes of awnings with 2.4m wide  roofs

For other depth roofs,  please search "Roof linings for 2.5m & 2.7m depth awnings" at top of page

£ 160.00(184.07 €)
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Roof Linings for Awnings 2.5m & 2.7m depth awningsRoof linings for most makes of awnings available in two depths: 2.5m and 2.7m deep to fit awning sizes from 700cm to 1130cm

For 2.4m deep Roof Linings, enter "Roof Linings for 2.4m depth caravan awnings" in SEARCH  at top of the page
£ 20.00(23.01 €)
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Roof Rafter poles  for all awnings up to 2.7m width roof

25/22mm Steel, (alloy prices upon request)

Fully adjustable.  Fitted with a hook at one end and a clamp at the other

Bracket pads are extra
£ 25.00(28.76 €)
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Roof raiser poles

Yet another great idea to help prevent rain staying on the awning roof!  

This simple but effective system totally eliminates any sagging of the roof material, no more collapsing roofs or large pools of water gathering, which if left unattended can cause serious problems.  

Using this Roof Raiser system gives you total peace of mind during extreme weather conditions.

Please state the size of your awning so the correct length can be sent

One pole for each half of the awning roof.