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2018 Camptech Carnival WindbreakThe Carnival windbreak is quick and easy to set up and gives you protection from the wind, and provides providing a little extra privacy. Produced in Camptech's Climatech 300D fire retardant coated polyester, these windbreaks will stand the test of time.

£ 75.00(85.36 €)
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2018 Inner tent for TALL annexThis Inner Tent is suitable for all TALL annexes

If ordered without an annex, £5 will be added for p&p to MOST  UK mainland postcodes. 

For Standard annexes, the standard annex inner tent will be required

£ 95.00(108.13 €)
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2018 Walker Solair Sun CanopyThe new canopy Walker Solair 4 in 1 is a very ingenious canopy.
1. On the back of the caravan as a cover
2. Freestanding as a sun canopy or wind break
3. Straight to the caravan
4. To be connected to the side of the awning. ( On the rain gutter channel.)

Included: 2 steel uprights, pegs, guy ropes and coupling + channel for fastening to either side of the awning. Size: 240 cm wide and 200 cm deep.
£ 31.00(35.28 €)
Available in 1 days
Awning CarpetWidth:  8'2" (2.5m) only
8'6" (260cm),      for Porch awnings
for Porch awnings
for Porch awnings
12'10"(390cm),   for awning sizes: 725 to 775  and Porches
for awning sizes: 800 to 825
,     for awning sizes: 825 to 875
,     for awning sizes: 875 to 925
,     for awning sizes: 925 to 975
,     for awning sizes: 975 to 1025
,     for awning sizes: 1050 to 1100
,   for awning sizes: 1100 to 1150

Width:  2.5m
lengths:  260, 280, 350, 390, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, & 750 cm
If ordered without an awning, £5 p&p will be added for MOST  UK mainland postcodes. 

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Awning Pole Tensioner - Awning CompanionThis Awning Pole Tensioner is simple to use, it keeps the awning fabric tight and helps prevent rain collecting on roof, poles chafing the awning fabric or accidental caravan wall damage.

Suitable for Steel, Aluminium and Fibre frames - any diameter up to 40mm

A pole tensioner take the strain - and guesswork - out of getting your awning fabric correctly tensioned. The Awning Companion works in a completely different way from the Hercules pole tensioner - it clamps directly to the inner AND outer poles.

Four simple steps to get your awning tight!
1 - Place Awning Companion on poles
2 - Tighten Awning Companion thumb screws
3 - Squeeze the trigger to tension the poles
4 - Lock the poles

The Awning Companion takes the strain and frustration out of putting up your awning. Great product if you have strength or mobility problems with your hands - just let the Awnings Companion take the strain!

If ordered alone, please add £5 for p&p at the checkout for all UK mainland postcodes

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Eurovent Inner tent for TALL annexThis Inner Tent is suitable for all Eurovent TALL annexes

£5 will be added for p&p (if ordered alone) to MOST, but not all, UK mainland postcodes.

£ 20.00(22.76 €)
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Inflatable Veranda BarCamptech inflatable veranda bar

Please state for which inflatable awning model it is required 

For all orders under £100, £5 will be added for p&p to most UK mainland postcodes.  
£ 43.00(48.94 €)
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Inner tent for standard annexThis Inner Tent is suitable for all Camptech STANDARD annexes

For Tall annexes, the Tall annex inner tent will be required

If ordered without an annex, £5 will be added for p&p to MOST  UK mainland postcodes. 

£ 80.00(91.05 €)
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Jolax Awning Carpet:Jolax awning carpets are specially designed for Walker.  Made in Denmark.  Very high quality

They are produced to extremely high standards and are designed to be very hard-wearing.

Jolax carpet is supplied in widths of 250, 280, 300 and 350 cm.

The quality of the material ensures that the carpet will not lose its shape and always lies neatly. It can be washed with warm water and soap.
£ 19.00(21.63 €)
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PROTECH roof raiser system Yet another great idea from CAMPTECH PRODUCTS!  

This simple but effective system totally eliminates any sagging of the roof material, no more collapsing roofs or large pools of water gathering which left unattended can cause serious problems.  

Using the PROTECH system gives you total peace of mind during extreme weather conditions.

Please state the size of your caravan so the correct length can be sent
£ 25.00(28.45 €)
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Rear Support Legs alloy (set of 2)Rear Support Legs, Alloy.  Set of two.  For use mainly with inflatable porch awnings but may be used with other porches
£ 22.00(25.04 €)
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Roof Linings for Camptech Awnings
Keeps your awning Cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter (and reduces the possibility of condensation occuring)

Camptech Roof linings for caravan awnings available in widths and lengths to fit most Camptech awning sizes from 700cm to 1130cm and most 2018 porches

Easy to fit, as the edges clip onto the awning's roof poles or tabs
£ 83.00(94.47 €)
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Roof Linings for Trigano/Eurovent AwningsRoof linings for Trigano / Eurovent awnings available in two widths, 2.5m and 2.7m to fit awning sizes from 700cm to 1130cm

(Please note: These are made to an the shape for each Trigano/Eurovent awning length, so may not be an exact fit on any other make of awning.)

For other Roof Linings, enter "Camptech Roof Linings" in SEARCH  at top of the page
£ 15.00(17.07 €)
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Roof support poles for all awnings up to 2.7m width roof

Steel, (alloy or fibreglass prices upon request)

Fully adjustable.  Fitted with a hook at one end and a clamp at the other Roof Rafter poles 
£ 15.00(17.07 €)
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Storm poles (leg poles)

Storm poles to fit any awning

Steel only

Fully adjustable.  Fitted with a foot at one end and a clamp at the other
£ 23.00(26.18 €)
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Storm Straps kitMost awnings and porches are equipped with two or more brackets for fitting storm straps. A Storm Straps kit consists of two straps, two springs & two large steel pegs.

If ordered without an awning, £5 will be added for p&p to MOST  UK mainland postcodes.