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2023 Walker Allure 280

The Walker Allure 280 is a new modern design. This 280 cm deep awning is suitable for Seasonal Pitch caravanning as well as for those short breaks. 

The fresh colours, innovative design and heavy quality Ten Cate All Season walls and roof, with print design iside the roof, combine to produce an awning that sets the pace for lasting style. 

All panels of the Allure 280 are removable for easy assembly and so that the roof alone can be used as a sun canopy. The Walker Allure 280 is available with a Steel Easy-Powergrip frame, a 28 mm alloy Easy-Powergrip frame or a glassfibre version as options.

Sizes from 885 cm up to 1065 cm. Made to measure to fit all shapes and sizes of caravans at no extra cost

Guarantee: 24 months

These are reduced prices for the remaining 2023 Allure models !

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2024 Walker Active Inflatable sun canopy

The Walker Active is your quick to erect air sun canopy.

It has a depth of 240 cm.

The front air beam is connected with the middle roof tube. There is 1 inflation point.

Both sidewalls can be zipped out.

Standard supplied with an air pump and 2 steel upright steel poles to push the sidewalls against the caravan

For caravans with a height between 235 255 cm.

Available in 4 widths:
290 cm

330 cm

400 cm

500 cm

Lower prices during April, while stocks last

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2024 Walker Atrium 300The Walker Atrium 300 Easy-Door awning is the result of continuous innovation.

The new Atrium 300 Easy-Door, which enables you to select the position of entrance doors on the front.

The awning's side walls have additional windows to give that feeling of extra interior light and space, even when fitted with an annexe.

The colour is Anthracite + Grey 

These awnings are heavy duty Ten Cate Seasonal-Pitch construction for the walls and roof combine to produce an awning that sets the pace for lasting style.

Optional frames available:   Easy-Powergrip Steel frame or a Glassfibre frame are available at extra cost.

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2024 Walker Concept 240/280
The Walker Concept is a fantastic new 'Heavy Duty' awning made of a tough PVC "All Weather" material; both sides coated and washable.

The Walker Concept is ideal for SEASONAL PITCH & ALL-SEASON use.

All the windows in the Walker Concept have window blinds with zips. Both the side panels have full size ventilated mesh windows. The roof poles are 28mm steel for extra strength.

Roof liners are available as optional

The Walker Concept is available with a depth of 240 cm or 280 cm

£ 2,169.00(£ 2,169.00)
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2024 Walker Ellips 280

Walker Ellips 280

The Ellips 280 is a modern designed awning and is supplied as standard with a combi 25/28 mm steel frame. In combination with the latest Ten Cate high quality coated polyester, the Ellips 280 is suitable for residential caravanning as well as those short breaks.

25% discount off a Jolax carpet, if ordered with awning,  until further notice

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2024 Walker Maxi 300
Walker's universal awning the Maxi-300 is a more compact version of Walker's successful Maxi-380.
Also very suitable for SEASONAL PITCH use

The Walker Maxi-300 is an ideal awning for Winter campers and also for campers who tour a lot. As caravans become bigger, not everyone wants an awning which takes up the whole side of the caravan. The Maxi is an ideal choice as it has a width of 310cm and a depth of 235cm. at floor level.

There is an entrance door on both sides, and the front wall can be zipped out or set up as a veranda. The sporty colours Anthracite + Champagne give this awning a modern contemporary look.

The Maxi-300 has a steel frame as standard. For Winter camping we recommend the "safety-set" of extra poles to carry the extra snow-load. If you plan to use it for touring, there is an option of 28mm aluminium frame with Easy-PowerGrips NO EXTRA COST, while stocks last.

A small deposit will reserve your awning at these low prices for delivery later, if not required immediately

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2024 Walker Maxi-380Walker's universal awning, the Maxi-380 is an ideal awning for Seasonal Pitch & Winter use and also for touring.
As caravans become larger, not everyone wants an awning which takes up the whole side of the caravan. Maxi-380 is an ideal choice.
Maxi-380 has a width of 385cm and a depth of 235cm. at floor level

The sporty colours anthracite + champagne give this awning a modern contemporary look.

The Maxi-380 has a Steel frame as standard and the options of a lighter weight 28mm Alloy frame or Easy-PowerGrips Steel frame.   Alloy frame at no extra cost while stocks last. 

A small deposit will reserve your awning at these low prices for delivery later if not required immediately 

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2024 Walker Palladium 350 Easy-Door AwningThe Palladium 350 Easy-Door awning in the latest anthracite/champagne colour combination and is specially designed for residential & seasonal pitch caravanning.
Construction is from heavy duty Ten Cate all season material, giving a depth of 350 cm.
The front of the awning features 2 interchangeable panels with the Easy-Door' system.
Front panels can be moved back from the front of the awning to give a 240 cm depth with 110 cm canopy.
You can add an inside wall as an optional extra, making it simple to create a spacious L-shaped living area.

Extra discount off the remaining 2023 Palladium models !
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2024 Walker Pioneer 240

The Walker Pioneer All Season is a luxury awning which is made from the latest Ten Cate materials. Awning and suncanopy in one!

The Pioneer All Season is suitable for residential caravanning as well as for those short breaks. By removing the front & side panels the Pioneer All Season can be used as a suncanopy. The front panels are interchangeable, thus enabling you to choose between 2 positions for the door: the Walker Easy-Door concept. Both a 28 mm alloy Easy-PowerGrip frame or a fiberglass version are available as optional extras.

£ 1,999.00(£ 1,999.00)
2024 Walker Scandic 300
The Scandic 300 is made from Ten Cate Residential material: 260gr/m2 printed roof and 240gr/m2 walls.

The perfect material for short stays, but also for camping on a seasonal pitch.

£ 679.00(£ 679.00)
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2024 Walker Snow & Fun PlusSnow and Fun Plus is Walker's  porch for the Winter Sports enthusiasts.
The floor measures 240 cm wide by 180 cm deep, providing welcome extra living space and the convenience of an entrance on both sides.
There are special vents under the roof  that can be closed with a zipped panel.

Snow & Fun Plus is supplied with a steel frame and weighs 23 kg.

Colour Charcoal/grey

Winter extra-strength Safety-set kit £89 and Roof-lining £79 available as optional extras for severe conditions

Free stormstraps (worth £25) with this awning
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2024 Walker Solair Sun CanopyThe  Walker Solair 4 in 1 Sun canopy & Windbreak is very ingenious.
1. On the back of the caravan as a cover
2. Freestanding as a sun canopy or wind break
3. Straight to the caravan
4. To be connected to the side of the awning. ( On the rain gutter channel.)

Included: 2 steel uprights, pegs, guy ropes and coupling + channel for fastening to either side of the awning. Size: 240 cm wide and 200 cm deep.

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2024 Walker T@B
Top quality Walker awning made exclusively for T@B 320 and T@B 400
Can be used as either canopy or full awning
Front panels and right panel can be zipped out
Roof: Ten Cate all Season Coated polyester: 240g/m
Panels: Ten Cate All season Coated polyester: 240g/m
Depth: 240cm
Frame: 28mm alloy
Draught skirt, wheel arch cover and curtains included
Weight: T@B 320 approx 21kg/ T@B 400 approx 25kg
Guarantee 24 months
Our price for 320 version £1479 including delivery & free pair of stormstraps

Our price for 400 version £1519 including delivery & free pair of stormstraps

Carpet sizes:  320 = 390 x 250;     400 = 440 x 250;
£ 549.00(£ 549.00)
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2024 Walker Tall Annexe with door
Tall Annexe

Available for every Walker model

When this annexe is fitted to the awning, the sidewall of the awning can still be zipped back in place to give additional privacy between the awning and the annex

These annexes also have a separate door on the outside wall
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2024 Walker Touring Plus
Exclusively for the Eriba Touring, Trigano Silver and Eriba Feeling 230 caravans Walker developed the Touring-plus.

Depth: 240cm 
Roof: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester 240g/m
Walls: Ten Cate All season coated polyester: 220g/m
Frame: 28mm Alloy frame with Easy-Powergrip
Ventilation in the ridge at the front
Panels: can be zipped out
Annexes can be fitted either or both sides
Easy-setup lock pads: included
Draught skirt and wheel arch cover: included
Guarantee: 24 months
Rainstrip for Eriba Touring Familia, Triton and Troll included.
Weight: approx 26kg

Our price for Familia, Puck L & Puck 230 is £1349, Triton is £1399, Troll is £1439,  Trigano Silver prices from £1479 to £1569

Carpet sizes:  Familia, Puck L & Puck 230 require 310 x 250;  Triton & Troll require 390 x 250

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Jolax Awning Carpet:Jolax awning carpets are specially designed and made for Walker.  Very high quality

They are produced to extremely high standards and are designed to be very hard-wearing.

Jolax carpet is supplied in widths of 250, 280, 300 and 350 cm.

Heavy duty Deluxe Breathable awning carpet, allows grass to breathe but keeps out bugs and dirt.
Washable and rot-proof.
Fully eyeletted and hemmed.
Supplied with re-usable zipped bag.

The quality of the material ensures that the carpet will not lose its shape and always lies neatly.