2018 Eurovent Bivouac Car

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2018 Eurovent Bivouac CarThe Eurovent Bivouac Car is designed to fit anything from a hatchback to a small motorhome. Simply erected with linked glass fibre poles and weighing just 8.2 Kg the bivouac offers lightweight versatility

Ultralight (8.2kg) Large tunnel annex.
Ideal for small motorhomes, hatchback cars, estate cars or people carriers. 

Type: Freestanding tunnel awning for motorhome, van or car.
Depth:3.00 m
Width: 3.30 m
Height: 2.00 m
Materials: Lightweight polyester


  • 1 front canopy (poles included)
  • 1 rear panel for attachment to the vehicle
  • 2 ventilated windows
  • 3 glass fibre poles (11mm diameter)