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2020 Fiamma Caravanstore

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2020 Fiamma Caravanstore

The Fiamma Caravanstore® is easy to use and install: it takes only seconds to roll it out completely.

The Fiamma Caravanstore offers excellent shelter from sun.

The areas and legs are inside the rollertube, easy to take out and install as they are articulated and telescopic.

The Caravanstore also features the improved wall fixing kit    The larger roller can be rolled-up in both ways.

The only awning for caravans and minivans with tubular rewind for wrinkle-free fabric. The fabric is wrinkle-free even after long storage and in just a few seconds it is just like new, ready to give shade.

Thanks to its wide roller the Caravanstore® is easy to unroll and roll up.

The exclusive system allows the roller to roll-up in both ways.

The wall rafter support kit is standard delivered and provides safe support for the awning rafter to prevent damage to the vehicle wall.

The Fiamma Caravanstore® is the most compact awning. The awning's rafters and rods fit inside the aluminium roller-tube. No vibration when travelling and no loose parts fall out when opening the bag.

Sturdy aluminium closed roller of bigger size Caravanstore® is the only awning with the fantastic benefit of having the Round-Frame roller tube in aluminium on which the fabric is wound.

Fiamma Caravanstore

Description Awning length Extension Canopy length Net weight
CARAVANSTORE 190 cm. 190 cm 180 cm 162 cm 5.4 kg
CARAVANSTORE 225 cm. 225 cm 225 cm 202 cm 7.1 kg
CARAVANSTORE 255 cm. 255 cm 225 cm 232 cm 7.6 kg
CARAVANSTORE 280 cm. 280 cm 225 cm 254 cm 7.8 kg
CARAVANSTORE 310 cm. 310 cm 225 cm 284 cm 8.3 kg
CARAVANSTORE 360 cm. 360 cm 225 cm 334 cm 9.5 kg
CARAVANSTORE 410 cm. * 410 cm 225 cm 384 cm 10.1 kg
CARAVANSTORE 440 cm. ** 440 cm 225 cm 414 cm 10.7 kg

*1 tension Rafter Caravanstore in anodized aluminium included.
**1 tension Rafter Caravanstore and 1 Caravanstore Support Leg in anodized aluminium included. Colours:  N=Blue Ocean, T= Deluxe Grey.
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