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2021 Walker Touring Plus

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2021 Walker Touring Plus
Exclusively for the Eriba Touring, Trigano Silver and Eriba Feeling 230 caravans Walker developed the Touring-plus.

Depth: 240cm 
Roof: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester 240g/m
Walls: Ten Cate All season coated polyester: 220g/m
Frame: 28mm Alloy frame with Easy-Powergrip
VentilationL in the ridge to the front
Panels: can be zipped out
Annexes can be fitted either or both sides
Easy-setup lock pads: included
Draught skirt and wheel arch cover: included
Guarantee: 24 months
Roofstrip for Eriba Touring Familia, Triton and Troll included.
Weight: approx 26kg

Our prices for Familia, Puck L & Puck 230 is £1009, Triton is £1042, Troll is £1110, Trigano Silver prices from £1110 to £1177

Carpet sizes:  Familia, Puck L & Puck 230 require 310 x 250;  Triton & Troll require 390 x 250

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