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80w Lightweight solar charging kit

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This high quality, portable, waterproof 80W lightweight folding solar kit is designed for charging 12V lead-acid batteries in vehicles and boats (e.g. 4x4s, motorhomes, caravans, campervans, narrowboats, yachts etc) or any other application utilising a 12V battery (e.g. wild camping, off-grid etc.). Everything is supplied to allow you to start using the kit immediately, including an integrated 10A 12V MPPT solar charge controller & 5m of cable with crocodile clips to connect to the battery. Simply unfold the panels, adjust the tilt angle and position them to point directly at the sun, then connect to your battery. The high-quality German-made monocrystalline solar cells will produce a significant amount of power, even in low light conditions where direct sunlight is not available.

The panel frame features a carrying handle making the kit easy to store and transport, and plastic corner protectors reduce the risk of damage to the frame and panels during use. The sturdy storage case included features a layer of foam within the lining to protect the panel and frame from accidental damage during transportation.

The 10A solar charge controller is fully waterproof and has in-built protection against over-charging, reverse polarity, short-circuit and reverse-current discharge of your battery (back through the panel at night). The controller uses MPPT (Maximum Power Point Technology) technology which allows the panel to produce as much power as possible and offers better efficiency than older PWM Solar Controllers.

The surface is made of a strong ETFE material that has a longer service life compared to standard solar panels and offers excellent durability and high-temperature resistance. These design features mean that this panel is extremely hard-wearing and less prone to cracking, delamination and corrosion, making it one of the most robust panels on the market. The panel also features a lightly textured coating that creates an anti-reflective surface and allows it to absorb a far greater amount of light, making for greater efficiency. The panel features a sheet of anodised aluminium fully encapsulated within the panel that offers greater reinforcement and resilience.