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Camptech Awnings

Camptech Awnings

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Well-known caravan awnings brand, Camptech is a British leading company in awning manufacturing industry thanks to its innovative concerns. Indeed, Camptech Awnings are technically advanced products that have been designed and developed by a team of highly skilled development engineers who are dedicated in pushing the barriers of technology and design.

Camptech brings together both fair pricing and innovative design and makes your holidays as pleasant as possible.  What are you still waiting for?

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2024 Camptech Cayman

The Cayman touring awning is suitable for touring use and great value for money. The Cayman walls are produced with Climatech SR17 coated polyester, this material makes your awning easy to clean and very durable.

Sizes: Available in sizes 4-19 (Fits caravan 725 cm to 1125 cm) 

Colour: Anthracite/Light Grey 

Weight: 23.5kg approx. (Size 8)

Roof Material: Climatech SR18R All Season Coated Polyester, attractive pattern on the inside 

Material Walls: Climatech SR17 All Season Coated Polyester

Frame: 25 mm Steel fitted with Power Grip clamps 
Standard Uni Loc Pads 

Front Panels: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out. 

Side Panels: Both panels are fitted with a door and can be zipped out. Ventilation opening in the front section that can be closed with a zipped panel

£ 719.00(£ 719.00)
Available in 2 days
2024 Camptech Count DL
Introducing the Count DL porch awning made from Climatech SR18 Seasonal fabric throughout.
The Count is also fitted with privacy blinds on the outside windows making this suitable for short and long-term stays. 
The floor space of 4m x 2.4m helps give that spacious feel whilst being in your porch awning.
Should you wish additional space the Count has an optional annex that can be fitted to either side.
All three panels can also be taken out or zipped down to create a veranda style.

We have an almost-new 2023 model, which has been erected for about 60 mins, for £599 incl. delivery. Please email or phone 01834 871763 for details. 

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2024 Camptech CountessIntroducing the Countess air porch awning made from Climatech SR17 fabric with a floor space of 340cm x 250cm making this ideal for weekend trips as well as longer stays.

There is the option to remove the large detachable front window panel and side panels to create a canopy space. Also available for the Countess is an optional extra annex.

Price includes VAT & delivery to mainland UK. 

Tax-free price to 
Europe & Ireland.  Let us quote you a price, including Delivery, to your address. 

Call 01834 871763 or email

FREE matching carpet with every new Countess awning, this week. 

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2024 Camptech Kensington
The Kensington Inflatable full awning.

An exciting addition to the Camptech range awnings, combining their knowledge and experience of both AIR and Traditional awnings. 

The spacious design and, with a single inflation point, erecting this awning is VERY QUICK & gives you the best of both styles. 

Large windows, completely zip-out walls, Climatech SR18 all season coated polyester roof, 6 storm strap fixing points, Inflatable Tall annex, etc. all the features you need for stress-free holidays

Sizes 6 - 21: to fit all caravan sizes from 775 to 1175

£ 491.00(£ 491.00)
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The Moto Crown is a drive away motorhome AIR awning measuring 3m wide, 3m deep and an internal height of 235cm, it has an exceptional internal living area.

The back tunnel is available in THREE height options to accommodate most campervans and motorhomes and has a door for easy access into your vehicle from outside.

The canopy over the door protects you from the elements and the vent just below allows circulation of air and the internal blinds provides privacy when needed.

Made from quality Climatech 210D material and a single inflation point, the Crown covers all your holiday needs.

£ 419.00(£ 419.00)
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2024 Camptech Moto Kingston

The Kingston is a drive away motorhome air awning measuring 3m wide and over all depth 2.8m. It has an excellent internal living area. The back tunnel is available in two heights to suit lower & higher campervans and motorhomes and has a door for easy access into your vehicle. The internal blinds enables privacy when needed. Made from quality climatech 190T material and a multiple inflation points, The Kingston covers all your holiday needs.

Low = 1.80m -2.10m fixing height
High = 2.35m - 2.95m fixing height

£ 609.00(£ 609.00)
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2024 Camptech Moto MonarchThe Camptech Moto Monarch employs the latest technological developments.

Very simple to inflate  -  In less than 10 minutes you could be relaxing inside it.

This will fit most motorhomes with either side or rear door openings.

A groundsheet and a separate Inner Tent for sleeping are available as optional extras

Low= 180-210cm,  Medium= 210-235cm,  High= 235-295cm

Width 280cm, Depth 355cm
Floor area 275cm x 210cm

FREE DELIVERY to most UK postcodes

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Camptech Viscount 400
A new inflatable awning from Camptech products.

High quality SY17 Climatech material.

Panoramic windows and 3m depth gives a very spacious area.

Front and side panels can be removed for easier erection.

Twin beading enables the Viscount to also be used on a motorhome as a non-driveaway awning.

We have a briefly-erected, as-new 2024 Viscount 400 at £999 incl. delivery. Full guarantee still applies.

£ 69.00(£ 69.00)
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Inner tent for Camptech Standard annexThis Inner Tent is suitable for Camptech STANDARD annexes

For Tall annexes, the Tall annex inner tent will be required

£ 57.00(£ 57.00)
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Roof Linings for 2.4m & 3.0m wide awnings
Keep your awning Cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter (and reduce the possibility of condensation occuring)

Roof linings in lengths to fit any full awning sizes from 850 cm to 1200 cm and some porches

These full length roof linings are 2.4m wide & 3.0m wide

Easy to fit, as the edges clip onto the awning's roof poles or tabs

Choose the size of roof lining to suit your awning size from the options at top of this page

Suitable for most makes of awnings with 2.4m wide & 3.0m wide  roofs

For other depth roofs,  please search "Roof linings for 2.5m & 2.7m depth awnings" at top of page

The following sizes of 2.4m and 3.0m roof linings prices are reduced to 75% as they have been erected briefly.
 Sizes 850-875, 975-1000, 1050-1075, 1100-1125, 1125-1150. 

Please call 01834 871763 to order