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£ 801.00(£ 801.00)
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2024 Trigano AtlantiqueThe Atlantique is a 2.7m deep awning from Trigano.

A 270 cm depth awning with 200g/m2 coated polyester walls, the roof is woven 240g / m2 printed polyester inner surface.

Ventilation: central, zip-closed.

Storm Straps are included in the price - 2 adjustable, removable straps attach to the ground by steel pegs, extended with springs.

£ 954.00(£ 954.00)
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2024 Trigano Austral 300The Trigano Austral 300 All season awning

300 cm depth with 280g/m2 coated polyester roof and walls.

Both front and side panels can be removed offering complete flexibility.

Annexes available for either side

£ 1,395.00(£ 1,395.00)
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2024 Trigano Montreux

Trigano Montreux - Seasonal pitch caravan awning

  • Season Pitch Awning - very sturdy frame
  • Available in Grey/Grey. 
  • Full PVC, with cotton inner roof lining & Window blinds included in the price
  • 2.5 m deep or 3.0m deep
  • One of the strongest awnings in Europe for Permanent and Seasonal Pitch us
A small deposit will reserve your awning at these discount prices for delivery later. 
£ 694.00(£ 694.00)
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2024 Trigano Ocean

The Ocean awning is 250cm depth with coated polyester roof and walls.

Both front and both side panels can be removed offering flexibility.

The Ocean can also be fitted with annexes on the left or right for additional space.

This model has remarkable features at low prices.

Price includes storm straps.