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2014 Walker SpectrumThe striking appearance of the Walker Spectrum-350 is set off by a modern colour combination of anthracite/ice blue.

This long-lasting 4 seasons awning is made with Heavy Quality Ten Cate All Season material.

The front wall has 2 interchangeable panels, allowing the position of the entrance doorway to be changed.

The front wall can also be moved to give a choice of 350cm depth or 240cm depth with a canopy, thus providing you with both an indoor and outdoor sheltered area.

The prices include a FREE Partition Wall - normally £143 extra - to provide a recessed front when required

Almost 50% discount on the last few remaining 2014 Spectrums - Almost HALF-PRICE

25% EXTRA discount on a Jolax carpet ordered with this awning until further notice
£ 1,060.00(1,206.45 €)
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2016 Walker Esprit 250The Walker Esprit is an awning in the popular full 5 piece design!
As with Walker's other models the Esprit has been designed with a feel for detail and perfection.
Its colour combinations green/grey in Sattler acrylic, give the Esprit is an attractive and well designed appearance giving the caravanner that little extra.
The heavy duty Sattler acrylic provides a perfect climate in the awning.
Ideal for Seasonal-pitch use

The Esprit includes all the latest technical details to ensure a perfect caravanning holiday.

Walker Awnings use the same quality fabrics and frames as Isabella, assembled by hand with extra care and sold at much lower prices than Isabella's nearest equivalent !

There are a few pre-2018 models left, so we are offering approx. 50% discount !     Just while stocks last.     24 month warranty
Sizes remaining:
975 - 990 - 1005 - 1020 in Green/Grey; 

25% EXTRA discount on a carpet ordered with this awning until further notice 
£ 1,115.00(1,269.05 €)
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2017 Walker Atrium 300

The Walker Atrium 300 Easy-Door is the result of continuous innovation.
The new Atrium 300 Easy-Door, which enables you to select the position of entrance doors on the front.

The awning's side walls are fitted with additional windows to give that feeling of extra interior light and space, even when fitted with an annexe.

The fresh anthracite + ice blue colour scheme, innovative design and heavy duty Ten Cate all season construction for the walls and roof combine to produce an awning that sets the pace for lasting style.

Both a 28 mm Alloy Easy-Powergrip frame, Easy-Powergrip Steel frame or a Glassfibre frame are available as optional extras.

25% EXTRA discount on a carpet ordered with this awning until further notice 

Very suitable for SEASONAL PITCH use

£ 886.00(1,008.41 €)
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2017 Walker SignumThe Walker Signum delivers great design and colours. The anthracite/ + ice blue colour scheme and innovative design makes the new Walker Signum stand out from the crowd. The roof and walls are made of high quality coated Ten Cate polyester. The Signum is 250 cm deep and has a five piece design which is simple to erect and dismantle. The Walker Signum is available with a choice of steel, alloy or glassfibre frame

25% EXTRA discount on a carpet ordered with this awning until further notice

Ideal for use on a Seasonal Pitch or touring 

All Walker awnings can be made to exact sizes AT NO EXTRA COST

£ 1,099.00(1,250.84 €)
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2018 Walker Allure 280The Walker Allure 280 is a new modern design. 

This 280 cm deep awning is suitable for residential and all season use as well as for those short breaks.

The fresh colours, innovative design and heavy duty Ten Cate All Season walls and roof, with print design, combine to produce an awning that sets the face for lasting style

25% EXTRA discount on a carpet ordered with this awning until further notice
£ 1,511.00(1,719.77 €)
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2018 Walker Concept 240/280The new Walker Concept is a fantastic new 'Heavy Duty' awning made of a tough PVC "All Weather" material; both sides coated and washable. The Walker Concept is ideal for SEASONAL PITCH & ALL-SEASON use.
All the windows in the Walker Concept have window blinds with zips. Both the side panels have full size ventilated mesh windows. The roof poles are 28mm steel.
The Walker Concept is available with a depth of 240 cm or 280 cm.
£ 1,367.00(1,555.87 €)
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2018 Walker Ellips 280

2018 Walker Ellips 280

Ellips 280 is a modern designed awning and is supplied as standard with a 25mm steel frame. In combination with the latest Ten Cate high quality coated polyester, the
Ellips 280 is suitable for residential caravanning as well as those short breaks. 
£ 834.00(949.23 €)
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2018 Walker Fusion 240The Walker Fusion 240 features the Walker Easy-Door concept: interchangeable front panels that enable you to choose between 2 positions for the door.

This is an attractive and well designed caravan awning giving the caravanner that little extra quality and design.

The Fusion is available with the choice of a Steel, Powergrip steel, Powergrip Alloy or Glass-fibre frames. 

IDEAL SEASONAL PITCH AWNING or an excellent touring awning with the lightweight frames

£ 1,522.00(1,732.29 €)
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2018 Walker Palladium 350 Easy-Door AwningThe Palladium 350 Easy-Door awning now sports the latest anthracite/champagne colour combination and is specially designed for residential & seasonal pitch caravanning.
Construction is from heavy duty Ten Cate all season material, giving a depth of 350 cm.
The front of the awning features 2 interchangeable panels and the ‘Easy-Door' can be removed from the front of the awning to give a 240 cm depth with 110 cm canopy.
You can add an inside wall as an optional extra, making it simple to create a spacious L-shaped living area.

25% EXTRA discount on a carpet ordered with this awning until further notice

There are two brand-new 2015 Walker Spectrums (same specifications as the Palladium) left in stock -  sizes 885 & 900 only at £1293 including delivery
Please email or phone us, if interested
£ 843.00(959.47 €)
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2018 Walker Pioneer 'Easy-door' All-seasonWalker's Pioneer ‘Easy-Door' has a really modern look. The tried and tested concept of easy zip out panels remains popular. Exchanging the front walls from left to right enables you to choose between 2 positions for the door, offering more ways to create your ideal awning layout. A steel frame is supplied as standard (Easy-PowerGrips as an optional extra ) and a 28 mm alloy Easy-PowerGrip frame or a Fibreglass frame is also available as an option
Curtains are included in price