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2023 Thule Omnistor 4200Omnistor have developed an awning with a smaller diameter roller tube which reduces weight - the 4200.

The fabric is composed of a single sheet and welded joints allow a perfectly waterproof and long-lasting awning.

The Omnistor cassette adjustment system means perfect closing of the awning even after years of usage.

Delivery is free to most of mainland UK

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2023 Thule Omnistor 5200The Omnistor 5200 is the completely new, innovative successor to the 5003.

The Omnistor 5200 is available with white, black or anodised casing and in a choice of two fabric patterns.

The sturdy and robust spring arms ensure rigid and maximum fabric tension.

Prices INCLUDE DELIVERY to most of mainland UK.  Special Prices for limited period
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Universal roof awning in a contemporary design

The Thule Omnistor 6300 roof awning is available in 9 lengths from 2.60m to 5.00m with a maximum projection of 2.50m. The awning cassette is available in anodised, white and anthracite.

Usually operated manually - or with an optional 12v DC motor with manual override allows you to operate awning lengths from 3.00m and more without any effort. The electric motor can easily be installed later to a manual Thule Omnistor 6300 awning (+1kg).

Perfect fabric tension.
Sturdy spring arms with patented integrated tension arms ensure a perfectly tensioned awning fabric for increased wind resistance. The patented tension arms are standard integrated for awning lengths from 3.75m and more and are optional for the smaller awning lengths.

Most sizes are in stock for immediate delivery.
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2023 Thule QuickFit - tent systemThe Thule QuickFit is a lightweight awning tent which can be quickly and easily erected beneath the Thule & Fiamma awnings thanks to its very simple construction.
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2024 Camptech Moto MonarchThe Camptech Moto Monarch employs the latest technological developments.

Very simple to inflate  -  In less than 10 minutes you could be relaxing inside it.

This will fit most motorhomes with either side or rear door openings.

A groundsheet and a separate Inner Tent for sleeping are available as optional extras

Low= 180-210cm,  Medium= 210-235cm,  High= 235-295cm

Width 280cm, Depth 355cm
Floor area 275cm x 210cm

FREE DELIVERY to most UK postcodes

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2024 Trigano Bivouac Car
The Bivouac Car is designed to fit anything from a hatchback to a small motorhome.

Simply erected with linked glass fibre poles and weighing just 8.2 Kg the Bivouac offers lightweight versatility

Ultralight (8.2kg) Large tunnel annex. 

Ideal for small motorhomes & caravans, hatchback cars, estate cars or people carriers.

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2024 Trigano Phuket
The Trigano Phuket is a drive away campervan and motorhome inflatable awning.

It comes in 2 different sizes:

"Low" is 180-240cm door height and "High" 240-270cm door height.

The footprint of both awnings is exactly the same, it is the rear sleeve that differs

Quick and easy to erect.

Ability to attach an annexe on either side.

Fly mesh on front windows.

Detachable side panels.

Ability to have veranda bar on one or both sides for ventilation, but keeping the side panel zipped in on the lower half.

Annex available for either side at £199.  Inner tent is £54. 

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2024 Trigano Santa Clara

The ideal awning for campers on the road or those who want something easy to use and prefer to spend their holiday time relaxing rather than assembling an awning. In fact, the Santa Clara is the best choice for a simple and fast set up. This standalone awning can remain in place even if the campervan leaves the site.

You will love its large front 3.5 m window. This awning is light to carry, robust and modern.


  • Groundsheet attached to the living room
  • Mosquito screens on the doors
  • Door separating the porch and living room
  • High ventilation
  • 2 side entrances and windows
  • 2 heights: 180-240 cm & 240-270 cm.  Same price.  Please state which height required when ordering. 
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2024 Walker Active Inflatable sun canopy

The Walker Active is your quick to erect air sun canopy.

It has a depth of 240 cm.

The front air beam is connected with the middle roof tube. There is 1 inflation point.

Both sidewalls can be zipped out.

Standard supplied with an air pump and 2 steel upright steel poles to push the sidewalls against the caravan

For caravans with a height between 235 255 cm.

Available in 4 widths:
290 cm

330 cm

400 cm

500 cm

Lower prices during April, while stocks last

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Fiamma F80s

The Fiamma F80S is a roof mounted awning with compact dimensions: strong structure and low weight!

The Fiamma F80S perfectly fits onto the vehicle without overhanging. Solid end caps in aluminium.

Optional: Integrated 12V Motor Kit can be installed inside the roller, without extending the total length of your awning or standard Motor Kit (outside installation) with emergency manual closing.

Vehicle: Perfect for motorhomes, caravans and van conversions.

Operation: Winch opening and closing. Operation by handle. Electric motor optional.

Position: Designed for roof installation. Adapters are optional extras.

Awning enclosure: Optional Privacy Room, front and side panels Blocker & Side.

Colours & Materials
Case: in extra strong extruded aluminium. Very light yet highly resistant external coating in either Polar White, Titanium or Deep Black. Cool and cheerful vinyl canopy. UV resistant, waterproof and washable, with bright colours on both sides.

Fabric Colours: Blue Ocean and Deluxe Grey.